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5 Bars Where You Can Watch SuperBowl LI in Madrid

February 3, 2017

Being a football fan in Spain is exciting and convenient– millions of “fútbol” fans flock to Bernabeu each year. Being an American football fan in Spain on the other hand is a different story. The time difference can make watching games difficult and catching regular season games outside the internet is a challenge. A few bars and restaurants each year commit to showing the SuperBowl to American and international fans alike. The game runs late into the wee hours in the morning.

We’ve compiled a list of bars/restaurants where there is still time and space to catch the Big Game right here in Madrid. Watch SuperBowl LI in Madrid!

5 Bars Where You Can Watch SuperBowl LI in Madrid

5 Bars Where You Can Watch SuperBowl LI in Madrid

1. Foster’s Hollywood
Several locations. Call to make a reservation at the nearest Foster’s Hollywood to you. They serve classic American food with a classic American family restaurant vibe.
To make a reservation: Call a woman named Siria: 690 836 295

2. Tierra Burrito/ TapRoom
Calle de Gúzman del Bueno 52
If you haven’t been to Tierra Burrito for the “Chipotle-style” experience, it’s definitely recommended. They will be serving burritos, nachos and the full menu until 1:00am. They will not be showing the game but recommend you take your tasty meal next door to Tap Room, where the game will play all night and you can enjoy one of their 40 craft beers on tap!

3. Dubliner’s/O’Connell St
Calle de Espoz y Mina 7
Cozy bar to enjoy beers in a great atmosphere. No reservation needed. Come in to enjoy the game and food and drink for the duration of the game.

4. O’Neill’s
Calle de Principe 12
€10 deposit to save your spot before the event. Kitchen closes at midnight but snacks/tapas will be served all night long.
To make a reservation: 915 212 030

5. James Joyce Irish Pub Madrid
Calle de Alcalá 59
You can watch the game on 3 large screens. Come early for sitting room. Food and drinks are served until 1:00am.

5 Bars Where You Can Watch SuperBowl LI in Madrid

So whether you are a Falcons or a Patriot fan you can pull an all nighter to root your team over food and beers right here in Madrid. May the best team win!


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