Welcome to Madrid! Whether you are here to stay or are just passing by, one question is on your mind – Where are the best restaurants in Madrid?  A lack of understanding of the Madrid food scene can seriously taint your stay here. You can ask any Spanish person you want about Spanish food and guaranteed they’ll tell you that it’s the best in the world. Frankly, without any experience, it can be hard to see. Therefore, MuchBites is here to guide you through this city…

the best restaurants in madrid with muchbites


To appreciate and love what is on offer, you have to open your mind to a new world of doing things. A new world of eating habits, customer service and even mixes of flavours. With a little digging into the restaurants in Madrid, you will find that even the simplest of flavours can be the most exciting. The sole intent and purpose of MuchBites is to bring you the best restaurants in Madrid so you don’t have to search high and low for them.

From trendy cafes and restaurants to your typical Spanish establishments, the best is out there and ready to be eaten discovered by you. With MuchBites, we do all the leg work to find a great place to wine, dine, drink, have a cake and much more and bring it to you.  If the place is below par, rest assured you will not find it on MuchBites.

For a quick and easy digestible guide to the city, check out our Instagram page @MuchBites for pictures that do say a 1000 words.

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