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Beer Tour Up For Grabs from Cervezas La Virgen

February 29, 2016

Do you remember the days when Mahou was the dominant beer in Madrid? Of course, Mahou is the proud official beer of Madrid. But, sad to say, for many expats it is not the beer of choice. However, out of necessity and lack of a better choice, we all drink it. Do not get me wrong, it’s a good beer but there are times when there is more to life than Mahou. If like me, you have frequented pubs in the U.K. you most likely miss the abundance of beers from all over the country and Europe. Do understand this though, I am not a beer connoisseur. Never have been and probably never will be. Although I do enjoy beer, my field of expertise is food.

beer factory cerveza la virgen
Cervezas La Virgen Factory – C/ Turin 13A, Poligono Industrial Europolis

The good news is that craft beers are starting to be big business in Madrid. Many business are popping up left, right and centre offering differing craft beers. There are a good number of places that one can choose from. Soon I will do a post and highlight them all to you. For now, let’s talk about one company that has been doing extremely well in the craft beer sector. This company is Cervezas La Virgen. They specialise in 6 types of craft beers. They have 3 seasonal beers and 3 that are permanent and produced all year round. They have been so successful since their launch that they have just moved to a new location in the Las Rozas area of Madrid. Their new facility has the capacity to produce 400 000 litres of beer annually. Daily, it is said to produce up to 3 000 litres.

beer and food cervezas la virgen
Food for the factory’s restaurant

Even more to my liking is the restaurant within the facility that gives the opportunity to try different beers while eating tasty food. The burgers alone give a wow factor. Being out of Madrid gives them ample space. So they have a chargrill, fired by coal not gas. So the burgers and steaks have that flame-grilled flavour. Fabulous!! Even the potatoes are the best I’ve tried with very creative sauces that include black truffle, pesto and chipotle.

All in all, a visit to the factory of Cervezas La Virgen will delight any beer enthusiast or foodie. Therefore, as a thank you to MuchBites readers and in conjunction with Cervezas La Virgen, we are giving away two prizes. The first prize is a tour of the Cervezas La Virgen factory in Las Rozas which includes beer tasting. The second prize is a 6-pack of Cervezas La Virgen so you can try their variety.

beer madrid
6-Pack of Cerveza La Virgen as 2nd prize

To enter, simply like the MuchBites Facebook Page and the Cervezas La Virgen Facebook Page. Then enter your email address using our subscription form at the bottom of this page. The deadline to enter into the giveaway is Thursday the 31st of March, 2016. From then on, the winner will be contacted via the given email with details on how the claim his/her awesome prize. So, share this with your friends in all places, you never know, it could be you going to the Cervezas La Virgen factory!

All the best!!!!

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    1. Great competition won by my beautiful daughter. ? Congratulations Lisa x

      1. I’m so happy for her! She deserves it after Semana Santa!!

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