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El Caldero Restaurant: Bringing the South of Spain to Madrid.

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Murcia is a province in the south of Spain that is rich in culinary history and authentic age-old Spanish recipes like the Caldero Rice or the Paparahote Lemon Dessert. El Caldero Restaurant in Madrid mirrors this Murcian style of cooking using the same recipes and ingredients. One of its most iconic dishes is the traditional […]

Like the Menu, Love the Restaurant?

Can you identify good Madrid restaurants just by looking at the menu? Read on for a quick guide to a new way of deciphering menus in Madrid restaurants to maximise your dining out experience. The entire concept of the menu in Madrid restaurants is different to many places. If you’ve spent time here you’ll surely have noticed. You’ve […]

An Introduction to Spanish Tapas

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Tapas, I find, are a rather contentious issue. You either love them or don’t understand them. When it comes to finding the best tapas in Madrid, all proprietors claim that their restaurant has the best. But, all too many times they fall flat on their face when it comes to delivering them. However, this begs […]

Three Challenges You’ll Face When You Return Home

The transitional months of moving abroad can be rough; I remember wanting to go back home after my first week in Madrid. Cultural clash is real; you are immersed in an environment that is out of your comfort zone. But then something in you clicks. You become passionately enamored with your new home, and every day opens an exciting opportunity. Time passes, you meet […]

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