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Feel French and Fabulous at Santa Eulalia Boulangerie

April 26, 2016

Sometimes I get so excited that upon discovering a new place, I run home and write a post. Today is no exception. Just behind the well-trodden Opera Real area, I took a detour onto Calle Espejo. There I found an amazing boulangerie come coffee shop. Upon entering, the white walls, exposed brick walls, high ceilings and wooden beams had me like “woah.” Ana, one of the owners invited me to walk around the rest of the place to get a feel of it. Do you know that feeling of opening a gift that is awesome and keeps getting awesome? Well imagine that and you understand Santa Eulalia Boulangerie. As you walk past the main entrance, you marvel at the kitchen area behind a glass partition were Jose Alberto, another of the two owners and Ana’s husband, is working. Then you carry on walking and discover a completely exposed brick curving section that screams “stay here.” Just when you think that was enough, you see that part of the floor area is made of glass. Look through the glass and lo and behold, it’s part of a 12th Century Christian wall. At this point, you have not even finished discovering this immense space. I will stop the description now and leave the rest for you to discover when you go.

Santa Eulalia Madrid
Spaces fit for all occasions

Then we get down to the piece de resistance. Santa Eulalia, as Ana and Jose Alberto kindly informed me, is a place were quality products and presentation come together in holy matrimony. From the pastry and bakery side of things, Jose Alberto is personally in charge. He is the baker for Santa Eulalia. Having trained previously as a lawyer, he decided to change jobs and follow his dreams of becoming a professional baker. When I got introduced to him, he was in the process of inventing chocolate tartines to be later baked with apples. He, along with Ana explained to me that everything at their boulangerie was made in-house. Raw ingredients come to them, including organic flour and they themselves work at turning them into foodie delights.

Santa Eulalia boulangerie
Pastries and Cakes made fresh in-house daily

Ana, who changed careers from journalism in Burgos, then explained the details about the beverages. “The focus is on serving the bakery creations with good quality coffee, teas and fresh fruit juices,” Ana told me. These are served at either one of the two bars in Santa Eulalia. The coffee making stars are the two baristas who make sure your coffee is served beautifully every single time. What particularly interested me was the use of fresh milk, which we know is not the norm in the land of ultra heat-treated milk. Along with my coffee, I ordered an orange juice which, surprisingly, was blended not squeezed. The resulting effect was a sweet, velvety textured orange juice. One of the baristas (whose name I didn’t take) explained to me that they use gourmet oranges. In his words, “the oranges come from Alicante and straight after being picked, they are sent directly to Santa Eulalia.” Therefore, there are no intermediaries or excessive storage times that tend to undermine the quality of products.

I could go on telling you more about this place, but I won’t. Really, Santa Eulalia is a boulangerie that you should be going to immediately after reading this post. The location is perfect as it guarantees you good quality at reasonable prices in central Madrid. And for sure, it will prove to be an invaluable space for working, socialising and generally just being.

Santa Eulalia Boulangerie Madrid
Exposed brick walls and plenty of space for everything

Santa Eulalia Boulangerie

Opening times: Monday: Closed

                         Tuesday to Friday: 9:30 – 20:00h

                         Saturday: 10:00 – 20:00h    Sunday: 10:00 – 15:00h

Address: Calle del Espejo, 12. 28013 Madrid

Contact: +34 911 38 58 75

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