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Kitchen 154, a Must on the Places to Visit in Madrid

October 3, 2016

Places to visit in madrid Kitchen 154

It is no secret that MuchBites’ top places to visit in Madrid now includes a good few markets. These markets provide a unique eating experience that you cannot find anywhere. And no, by markets I don’t mean the one you are thinking of in the heart of Madrid. Dare I send anyone there! There is one in particular I am referring to and it’s existence was first brought to my attention by the writer of this Mercados in Madrid article. Yes, Mercado de Vallehermoso is a definite #placetobe in good old Madrid.

This time round, the recommendation is Kitchen 154. I have wanted to interview the owners for a while but have not quite got round to it. In the process of not quite getting round to it, I’ve already eaten there a countless number of times. The lure of Kitchen 154 is the food, spicy food. As they themselves call it, it is the “spicy food lab.” What you get at Kitchen 154 are intense flavours that accompany homemade food which is mostly slow cooked. This little, sometimes chaotic, corner kitchen has turned Mercado de Vallehermoso into a well-deserved resident of the places to visit in Madrid list.

Top places to visit in madrid mercado de vallehermoso
The Korean-style BBQ Ribs with Kimchi

At first glance, it is a chaotic mess of dancing chefs and waiters who are also singing loudly along to great music. Not ones of them looks stressed even though flames are literally flying off the pans and the orders are coming in thick and fast. The only person stressed is you, the first time visitor. You want to eat there but you don’t know how to go about the process. To avoid any of this happening, just give them a ring and book a table beforehand. Actually, this is the only way to do it otherwise you’ll be disappointed. They’re always busy.

Once you’ve got the getting a table sorted, all that’s left is the good part – the good food. You have slow roasted Korean-style BBQ ribs with kimchi, braised pig cheek vindaloo, Vietnamese-style sea bass with shiitake mushrooms and pineapples and other little bits and bobs such as dumplings and spicy tacos. Being the spicy food lab, everything is spicy and whatever you eat will be delicious. The one time I actually made an effort to organise an interview, one of the partners told me he wouldn’t be available for around 4 weeks as he was going to Asia to explore the food there and seek new and exciting dishes to include in the Kitchen 154 menu. Therefore, one thing is guaranteed, what you’ll be eating is the product of meticulous research to bring authentic flavours to the otherwise bland food scene.

Kitchen 154 in Mercado de Vallehermoso is in top places to visit in madrid list
BBQ Ribs, Vindaloo, Dumplings and a spot of White Rice

The drinks on offer are standard but lo and behold, the next market stall from Kitchen 154 is one of the top places to visit in Madrid for beer lovers. As this is a market, you are more than welcome to order your beer from Cervecería Drakkar and drink it at Kitchen 154 (as long as you return the glass)

I can honestly tell you that you won’t regret your visit to this place. The service is exceptional – happy people loving their jobs, and the food too is exceptional – spicy and just what your tastes buds were craving. You too will leave Mercado de Vallehermoso with it as one of your top places to visit in Madrid.


Kitchen 154 Details
Address: Mercado de Vallehermoso. C/ de Vallehermoso, 36.

Telephone: 91 138 99 95

Email: info@kitchen154.com

Opening times: Wednesday to Saturday 14h – 16h and 20:30h – 23h

Sunday 14h – 16hKit

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