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ChocoLIT! Satisfy the Sweetest of Cravings

October 23, 2016

thing to do in madrid this autumn

When you catch yourself with a sweet tooth in Madrid, it can be hard to choose among the many pastelarías in Madrid. But this autumn La Duquesita in Alonso Martinez is the sweetest spot for desserts and it’s the thing to do in Madrid whether you’re visiting or staying.

The Sweet Spot

“The Little Duchess” is cozied up between stores and apartments, and every decorative detail pays homage to its beautiful history. Opened over 100 years ago, it’s where generations of madrileños have gone to indulge themselves. La Duquesita is the thing to do in Madrid to fulfill the sweetest of cravings. “Bombones y Caramelos Finos” reads the old blue original signage. Chandeliers, mosaic tiles, gold trimmings and high ceilings will capture your attention upon entering…that is until you see the desserts.

La duquesita is the thing to do in madrid
The best croissant in Spain at La Duquesita

La Duquesita is both a pastelería and bombonería, serving classic pastries and little sweets. The pastelería is best exemplified by its award-winning croissant, which was voted “best croissant” in Spain in 2014, made by the famous chocolatier and pastry chef, Oriel Balaguer. This means anything Balaguer is the thing to do in Madrid. The Calefell born chef has been entertaining sweet taste buds for over 2 decades and doing it well. His creations are both beautiful to look at and heavenly to taste. His skill and style has evolved to keep chocolate lovers on their toes while winning several national awards along the way. Which is why the century-old sweet shop was the perfect place for Chef Balaguer to collaborate and introduce a divine fall chocolate selection, crafted exclusively for La Duquesita.

What’s Inside

The twelve-flavor box includes a mix of classic and exotic flavors such as violet, lime, Tahitian vanilla, hazelnut and truffle. Each one is a perfect chocolate square with their own distinct colors and aromas, making them as aesthetically beautiful as they are delicious. It is far too easy to completely indulge yourself, so we did. We tried them all and decadent is an understatement.

Chocolates at la duquesita thing to do in Madrid
Beautiful and tasty fall chocolates

Each chocolate square is filled with a multiplicity of flavors. Try the Mascaleta or the Exótico and you’ll get variations of flowery, fruit and citrus. Bite into the Trufa and you’ll get light and airy with all the complexities of 70% dark chocolate. With flavors ranging from fruity to spicy to flowery, all with a consistently smooth finish and light and airy texture. It’s the ultimate box of chocolates. Chef Balaguer carefully selects cacao from South America, Madagascar, and the Caribbean for exceptional taste. It’s a great gift idea, and if never reach the recipient, we can’t judge you.

The goodness doesn’t stop there. You can find other original Balaguer creations such the extraordinary 8 Texture Chocolate, which won best dessert in the world! If the croissants and chocolates serve as testament, then La Duquesita is a palate-pleaser. It’s the sweetest thing to do in Madrid. Take it from us, La Duquesita is ChocoLIT!

The Need To Know:

Address: Calle Fernando VI, 2 (Metro Alonso Martinez)

Phone: 913 08 02 31



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