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A Madrid Restaurant with Fantastic Galician Fish – O’Grelo

November 17, 2016

madrid restaurant Galician food

On this particular Friday, the rain in Spain fell mainly in…Madrid. But even the heavy downpour couldn’t dampen our anticipation of lunch at O’Grelo. We shook out our brollies and headed straight upstairs to the surprisingly peaceful and tranquil Madrid restaurant. O’Grelo, an elegant contributor to the city’s dining scene since the 80’s, specialises in Galician cuisine – the focus here is excellent quality fish, and lots of it, served simply but with a touch of starched white linen luxury on the side.

The excellent service added to the special feel at this restaurant as the dishes rolled out. We started with glistening olives and a little tapa of lentejas (lentil casserole) – simultaneously light and smokey, and which we scooped up with fluffy bread. Accompanying this were beautiful star-shaped alcachofas confitadas (slow-cooked artichokes) with crystals of salt and delicate wispy brown edges. Honestly? I’m not the biggest fan of artichokes, but these delicious alcachofas made me think again and exceeded all artichoke expectations.

Madrid restaurant with fresh sea food
Monkfish and Gambas with garlic and olive oil

Then the outstanding fish courses. Pulpo (octopus) was presented two ways, the first a divine heap of white and purple pulpo a la gallega– which was the softest octopus I’ve tried in Madrid. It came dusted with red Paprika and served on equally soft potatoes. Highly recommended and one to try for sure. Next, grilled pulpo a la plancha, came to the table shimmering with a yellow olive oil dressing and bright red onions. The rape al ajillo con gambas (monkfish with prawns served with garlic dressing) was a light fluffy cloud served with sweet juicy prawns and home cooked crisps – another stand out dish. Lastly, came soft, sweet and bitter zamburiñas (scallops) followed by a blissful foamy lemon cava shot.  O’Grelooooh….!

Madrid restaurant with excellent pulpo
Soft and delicious Galician pulpo

The key to the philosophy at this family-run Madrid restaurant lies in the essence of great Spanish cooking: no fuss, no fusion cooking or heavy sauces, just superb ingredients cooked to perfection. And if you happen to be a fish and seafood fan, you should get yourself down to O’Grelo inmediatamente!

Really, the wonders at this Madrid Restaurant don’t stop with the fish. To discover it all, just make your way there!

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Restaurant Details

Restaurant Menu

Address: Calle Menorca, 39, Madrid

Telephone: 91 409 72 04

Opening Time:

Monday to Saturday: 12:00 a 16:00 19:00 a 01:00

Sunday: 12:00 a 16:00



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