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Mi Kitxen: A Culinary Street Food Experience

December 18, 2016

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Tucked away on a side street just off of Fuencarral, Mi Kitxen is rolling out some of the most popular street food items from around the world, with it´s own creative twist on each dish.  On a cold Madrid night, the restaurant´s warm lighting, spacious seating area, and simple, yet sleek decor invited us in (along with their awesome staff) for a tour of various flavors from around the world.  Mi Kitxen´s menu style is “street food” and offers half of it´s dishes from Asia, while the other half come from places like the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa and more.  With such an ecclectic menu, your mixed group of friends will each find something on this menu that they´ll love.  Mi Kitxen is one of the newer players on the restaurant scene, but it has the potential to become one of the best restaurants in Madrid.  When you´re planning your next dinner out and want to make sure all of your friends find something they´ll love, or you want to go on a “World-wide adventure” and try samples of street food with a modern twist, Mi Kitxen is the place to try.

We wanted to be sure that we got a taste for what Mi Kitxen had to offer, as well as enjoy a culinary experience from around the world and we were more than pleased with everything we had.  Not only did the food taste great (important, obviously), but it was presented beautifully, making us excited to dive in and experience each new plate.  The menu wasn´t too small, but it wasn´t massive either, which can be refreshing after trying to navigate massive menus in other resturants.  It´s nice to know that the chef and owner want to do each dish really well, meaning they´re offering quality over quantity.

Mi kitxen best restaurant in madrid
Quail Eggs

We started the meal with the Kwek Kwek appetizer, which are quail eggs with a light tempura batter, served on a crispy, edible “nest”.

Both of us agreed that it´s not something we would normally order, but in the spirit of adventure, we went for it.  We loved the beautiful presentation of the eggs.  The outside of the eggs were light and crispy, which was a great contrast to the creamy center of the eggs.  The flavor wasn´t overpowering, so the two sauces that came along for dipping were a welcomed addition.  After the eggs came a quesadilla.  You must be thinking, “how can a quesadilla be different?”.  Well, trust us- it was different.  It was full of creamy brie cheese and thick-cut salty bacon, paired with tangy sour cream for dipping.  It was a hearty portion that would be perfect to share.  Both of these appetizers were enjoyed with a sharp glass of red wine that paired perfectly with the strong flavors in these dishes.

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Nasi Goreng

Once we were finished with our appetizers, we moved onto the main stars of the night- the entrees.  We chose one of their Asian-inspired dishes and one of their American-inspired dishes so that we could get a taste for the two largest parts of their menu.  The Asian dish was Nasi Goreng, which is a popular rice dish in Malasia, Singapore and Indonesia.  It´s a chicken-fried rice with seafood, vegetables and a perfectly-cooked egg on top.  The rice was salty and sweet, and had a terryaki taste to it, which was wonderful.  The egg yolk mixed into the rice and created a creamy sauce for it.  The other dish we chose was their classic burger: Hamburguesa la Nuestra– a 200 g burger topped with Philadelphia cream cheese, tangy onion marmalade and tomato.  It comes with a side of crispy potatoes.  The burger had awesome flavor thanks to the caramelized onion and cream cheese combination that kept us coming back for more.  Then there were the potatoes!  Potatoes can often be very hit or miss in Madrid, but these potatoes were crispy and salty and everything you want as a companion for your burger.

When we didn´t think we could possibly eat another bite, we miraculously found room for dessert and it´s highly recommended that you do, too.  We split two desserts- a warm, fudgy chocolate cake and a small bowl of their artisanal dulce de leche ice cream.  Both desserts were literally out of this world and had us repeating “oh my gosh this is so good!” because they really were that good..  It´s highly recommended that you get both desserts and eat them together, with a cup of coffee to finish it off right.

best restaurants in madrid mi kitxen
Pad Thai

This was plenty of food for just two people, but if you´re in the mood to try more, rest assured that there were a handful of other dishes that caught our eye- from the fish and chips to the pad thai and ceviche.  Like mentioned before, if you´re looking for one of the best restaurants in Madrid, where you can try a variety of world-wide dishes from the comfort of your table, Mi Kitxen should be your choice.

If it´s not obvious from everything that is written here, Mi Kitxen was a great experience that, without a doubt, will be repeated in the future.  We are excited to go back and experience other tastes from around the world.

Restaurant Details:

Click here for the menu

C/ de Hartzenbusch, 8

Metro: Bilbao-Quevedo

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