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Ruta de la Paella de Madrid: Paella for everybody!!

June 9, 2016

Where can I get a good paella in Madrid? This is one of the most common questions I receive. Many would be quick to say, “well for one thing, don’t go to Plaza Mayor,” while others say, “don’t bother, the best paella is in Valencia.” Truth be told, I have never researched the paella scene of Madrid, so really, I am a useless contributor to the paella discussion.

That was until now, because now I bring the crème de la crème of the Madrid rice scene. Well, not me but the agency Nacho Sandoval – Estrategias and Marketing. These guys are the brains behind the famous “Pulpo Passion Madrid” and the “La Mejor Fabada de Madrid,” where the best restaurants compete to offer their best version of said dish. This time it’s the  second edition of “La Ruta de la Paella y El Arroz.” In total, 27 restaurants in Madrid will participate, offering menus that range between 25€ and 40€. You will be able to try the most traditional of paella and rice dishes to the most innovative dishes that have gone through the most recent processes of Spanish cuisine modernisation.

The main reason behind this project is to give a push and to promote the food sector dedicated to rice in Madrid. This is only right since paella is one of the most quintessentially Spanish dishes that everyone is always on the hunt for on any visit to Spain. Many are the paellas sold to expats and tourists and many are the “what was the fuss” left behind after a failed attempt. So this time, with “La Ruta de la Paella y El Arroz,” we can finally do it right.

paella in madrid
Paella in Madrid is hit and miss, find a good one and you’re set!

The event starts on the 10th of June and will go on until the 26th of June in all participating restaurants. The beauty of it all is that the restaurants are dotted all over the city. So for sure, there will be one a short hop and a skip away from you. The 27 participating restaurants are as follows:

Before you go, you can see the menus on offer at each restaurant to help you make a wise decision. Happy rice eating all!!

paella in madrid
The Menus from various restaurants

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    1. You want good paella, go to Casa Benigna, it’ll blow your mind. This isn’t your standard paella joint, but the do the best rice dishes. It’s quite pricey but they use quality ingredients (each dish is with a special rice that best goes with the ingredients) and the restaurant is very small and cozy and it feels like you are eating at home. Service is excellent, so since Paella is never a cheap meal (if it is, you won’t get anything good), I suggest to spend a little more and go there, you won’t be disappointed.

      1. Thanks for the suggestion! I’m definitely going to try that. I totally agree with you, pinch the purse strings when it comes to food, and you’re bound to be disappointed. Especially on food like paella. Sometimes you just have to live a little and enjoy good gastronomy!!

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