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Takos Al Pastor For All Your Taco Needs

June 13, 2015

Mexican Tacos at Takos Al Pastor Madrid

You have heard of Takos Al Pastor for sure, but check MuchBites’ take on tacos and the restaurant.

Adult that I am, believe you me that I had never eaten tacos until last September in New York. As I ate this flavourful piece of cornflour tortilla and meat relish, I found the flavour explosion just WOW!! As recommended, I squeezed some lime and added the accompanying chilli sauce. As I took the second bite, I could only ask myself, “Why on this green earth had you never eaten this before.” Sadly, my friends forbade me from eating more tacos because we were on a food crawl around New York, and to fully enjoy it, I had to eat tiny amounts at every stop.

Even sadder is that I don’t live in New York and where oh where would I get such fantastic tacos in my beloved Madrid. Imagine my joy when I went to a restaurant whose name shall not be mentioned and I found tacos on the menu. It was a no brainer. “Tacos please”, I ordered. What came was everything but tacos. Another restaurant whose name shall also not be named had tacos on the menu, but at a hefty price for just 3 tacos, there was no need to repeat that experience in a rush any time soon.

Joy of joys oh reader, when I discovered Takos Al Pastor on Calle de la Abada, 2, Madrid. The restaurant was very simple and unassuming. As I walked in, I mused to myself “cute place but I don’t think it’s MuchBites.” So I ordered three tacos at 1€ each and a beer. I devoured the tacos as soon as they came, they were really delicious. But somewhere between my hunger and MuchBites standards, I confined the place to the cute but not MuchBites bin.

However, for some reason, on the 8th of April, 2015, I woke up with tacos and nothing but tacos on my mind. Where else would I go? Takos Al Pastor of course!! This time I went in the bright light of day for my lunch. I was welcomed by a bright and airy Takos Al Pastor restaurant with walls painted white and high ceilings.

Takos Al Pastor Calle de la Abada, 2
Takos Al Pastor
Calle de la Abada, 2

One wall was beautifully decorated with just plain wood pallets that had shelves every so often with a few beers on each shelf. “Quaint”, I thought. I ordered the Alambres which are basically 6 corn tortillas that you make yourself with a filling of choice. I chose Sabores which came with pork, beef and chorizo minced together and then topped with cheese.

Everything was served on a black slate plate and looked appetising. I savoured each and everyone of those tacos and every mouthful was reminiscent of my first taco in New York. Funny how hunger can make one miss all the important little details as had happened the first time.

Takos al Pastor for all your taco needs
Takos Al Pastor – Alambres with Sabores Filling

I hesitate not to share this restaurant with you all. You will spend so little but you will get so much. I found the staff very helpful and well versed in their menu. They asked for my opinion which I always value in a restaurant and made me feel welcome and valued. My waiter was Mexican and I guess that’s the Mexican way of doing things. BRAVO.

Head down to Takos Al Pastor, just off Gran Via and find yourself marvelling at beauty in simplicity and eating well.

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