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Six Tapas You Did Not Know You Had To Try

December 1, 2015

This is a quick read post about a tapas restaurant that will blow your mind.

Said one to their friends, “I’m moving to Spain!!”

Said friends in return, “Oh wow, you lucky thing. All that sun, sangria and tapas will be yours!!!!”

We have all had this experience when we told others about our intentions to move and/or to visit Spain. Unless you are a seasoned food finding pro, the situation you encountered could not be far more removed from the expectations. Little did one know that “tapas” was fancy for deep fried shenanigans and other stuff you can easily make at home, but just in sharing size plates. However, all is not lost and trust me tapas are the future of dinning.

In this beloved Madrid, MuchBites is here to tell you to look no further. The tapas of legends you heard of before journeying to Madrid are just around the corner. If I say Calle Ponzano, you already know we are on to a winner. Well, on Calle Ponzano there is a beautiful bistro style restaurant going by the name Le Qualite Tasca. Having tried many tapas in times gone by, at Le Qualite Tasca the experience was enhanced and this made for a re-falling in love with Spanish cuisine all over again.

Tapas from Le Qualite Tasca Madrid
Le Qualite Tasca on Calle Ponzano, 48, Madrid

This place is very small in comparison to other tapas restaurants. Only a few well-spaced out tables, pre-set with crockery, cutlery and wine glasses, ready for a diner to sit and enjoy fine, attention to detail food. One of the best things about Le Qualite Tasca is the vast collection of wines from different regions of Spain that are served by the glass. This means you can go wild and have a different wine per tapa. Without further a-do, here is the break-down of the tapas de restistance that you will have to try.

Tomate Rosa

Tapas from Le Qualite Tasca Madrid
Tomate Rosa with Cheese Pesto

450g beef tomato served with a cheese sauce mixed with basil. We could define this as a cheese pesto. This is topped with coarse sea salt and then on the side, a generous serving of garlic crumbs. The garlic crumbs add extra crisp and crunch to this fresh tomato.

Concha Exotica

Tapas from Le Qualite Tasca Madrid
Concha Exotica with Avocado and Mango

Named exotic shell as it looks like a shell due to the avocado peel used to serve it but also the exotic medley of avocado and mango found therein. The main base of this tapa is smoked salmon and langoustines. The first bite is a welcome burst of flavour between smokiness and sweet.

Foie Mi-Cuit

Tapas from Le Qualite Tasca Madrid
Mi-Cuit with Frixuelos and Caramelised Banana

This delicious mi-cuit is made with foie from Toulouse which the restaurant receives every 15 days. They then make the mi-cuit in house. The result is a soft and melt in your mouth mi-cuit reminiscent of gelato. It is served with crepes typical of the Leon region of Spain called frixuelos and caramelized bananas. At first thought, it sounds like a random mixture, but rest assured, it is delicious.

Pincho de Tortilla

Tapas from Le Qualite Tasca Madrid
Pincho de Tortilla Reinvented

This is a tortilla like you have never seen it before. Theirs has 3 textures and is served in a cup. The bottom layer is beautiful mashed potato, followed by caramelised onion then a poached egg on top. This is a welcome reinvention of an otherwise favourite Spanish tapa.

Pulpo de Bueu

Tapas from Le Qualite Tasca Madrid
Grilled Pulpo with Roasted Potatoes

This is a grilled octopus tapa with roasted potatoes and sweet mojo sauce. The pulpo is soft and easy to chew, unlike some other rubber pulpos we have all encountered. Their pulpo is frozen immediately post hunting so as to ensure all nerves are killed. This helps the meat to not be rubbery when it is eaten.

Timbal de Solomillo de Iberico

Tapas from Le Qualite Tasca Madrid
Timbal Solomillo with Baked Apple and Foie

This dish in a few words is incredible. The grilled sirloin steak is served on a bed of vanilla essence infused puree de patata (“mashed potato”) then some grilled apples. It is finally topped with grilled foie. This interesting melange makes for interesting flavours and leaves you wanting more and more.

Le Qualite Tasca is indeed a charming restaurant with so much going for it. The beauty is that the menu is concise and easy to choose from. Due to the variety of seasonal produce that they use, the menu changes every so often. This means Le Qualite Tasca will easily become a go to restaurant for an unadulterated Spanish Tapas experience. For your visitors, Le Qualite Tasca will see you delivering excellent food that will leave them envious of you Mediterranean lifestyle.

Don’t miss it!

Restaurant Info:

Le Qualite Tasca

Calle Ponzano, 48, Madrid

+34 910 14 69 20

The cheapest tapas cost 4.50euro and the most expensive 16.95euros. The tapas are decently sized and can be easily shared between 2 and 4 people.

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