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Madrid’s First Ramen Conference

January 15, 2017

Ramen? Yes, please!

It’s been quite a cold couple of months and January has signified the end of the festive season. We’ve all been thrust back into our post-holiday reality. For me, that reality involves continuing to explore Madrid Restaurants and things to do in Madrid. So to all those trying to get back to their everyday routine while also fighting the cold, I bring good news in the form of Ramen. Hello Madrid, it’s Ramen season!

If you’re a local, or a visitor to Madrid who’s done some research, you’ll know that Chueca and Malasana are two neighborhoods adorned with some of the best things to do in Madrid. Hence, it comes as great news and even a treat that two of Madrid’s finest restaurants Oribu Gastrobar and Ninja Ramenlocated in Chueca and Malasana respectively have come together to indulge our taste buds, feed our bellies and warm our hearts with specially made authentic Ramen.

things to do in madrid in chueca gastrobar
Oribu Gastrobar
things to do in madrid in malasana
Ninja Ramen in Malasana








From the 20th to the 29th of January, both restaurants will be hosting a Ramen Conference, the first of its kind in Madrid. They have curated a special menu for this occasion, and I was privileged to try it out beforehand, and I have to say; I recommend 100%.

One of the dishes created is the Tonkotsu: Its broth is made from pork bones, which gives it a more forceful flavor and a fatty texture. The Shoyu which has the most Japanese influences in its recipe is made with chicken and soy Sause specially incorporated during cooking. These Ramen dishes are a delicious delight, an excellent and filling meal and a good cultural experience. Go on now and get your Ramen on at any of these restaurants from the 20th to the 29th of January.

Tip from the Ramen experts: The best way to eat Ramen is to suck it (even loudly) and eat it quickly before the noodles get soaked in the broth which will cause it to swell and lose its characteristic flavor. You’re welcome.

So if you are looking for things to do in Madrid this month, look no further!

Restaurant Info

Price per plate: 10. 50 Euros


Oribu Gastrobar (c/Barquillo,10)

Ninja Ramen (c/Barceló, 1)


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